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Purchase a license to display Youra's Daily Utoons on your website.

Youra Business Opportunities
Purchase a license to display Youra's "Daily Utoons" on your website. Simply enter a few lines of code on the page where you want the Daily Utoon to appear and . . . bingo . . . your site's visitors get a daily blast of Youra's "satiric" and "ascerbic" humor.
Youra Media licenses proprietary artwork of cartoon characters and caricatures for use in sales and merchandising. Youra Media supplies artwork in appropriate formats, owns the artwork, and receives a percentage of sales revenue. Ask for prices for LICENSING. 
Daily Utoons
Youra Media offers an ongoing supply of proprietary Utoons on daily, bi-weekly and weekly programs for inclusion in blogs and websites in formats appropriate for online media, including mobile formats. Prices based on frequency and term (month, quarter, year). Ask for prices for DAILY UTOONS.
Custom Art
Youra Media creates custom artwork mainly of cartoon characters and caricatures for use in customers' advertising, marketing, and personal collecting. Contracts can be for specific quantities of artwork in select media. Ask for quotes on CUSTOM ART.
As an accomplished and recognized artist in the field of political cartooning and caricature development, Dan Youra offers onsite teaching opportunities to businesses and educational institutions. Ask for TEACHING PER DIEM.
Customers have requested personal portraits and caricature art of themselves or others. Customer supplies photos of the subject(s) and pays a flat fee for each portrait or caricature. Ask for PORTRAIT PRICES.
Dan Youra has more than 40 years experience in writing original works and in editing other's work. Writing can be priced per the job or per hour.Ask for WRITING RATES.
Dan Youra is available for full time and part time employment based on a monthly salary, which is negotiable. Ask for SALARY OPTIONS.
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