Dan Youra creator of Utoons by David Horsey LA Times

Portrait of Dan Youra is the artwork of David Horsey, Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist for The LA Times.

Portrait of Dan Youra by David Horsey, Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist for LA Times 

Dan Youra Self Portrait
Youra's Editorial Cartoons Stir Up Debate
"Wonderful work – fun, witty and very unique," Reince Priebus, chairman, RNC
”Dan Youra is keeping lit the flame of political cartooning with his witty, sometimes ascerbic work. There's never a dull moment with Dan's cartoons!”
 Rob McKenna, Attorney General, Washington
Youra follows in the footstep of two great political cartoonists of the Twentieth Century – Bill Mauldin and Jules Feiffer, both of whom held very strong beliefs on the requirements for a  good political cartoonist.
"Too many of today's artists regard editorial cartooning as a trade instead of a profession. They try not to be too offensive. The hell with that. We need more stirrer-uppers."  Bill Mauldin, Chicago Sun-Times, 
 "Outside of basic intelligence there is nothing more important to a good political cartoonist than ill will." Jules Feiffer, The Village Voice,
”Dan makes you laugh and he makes you think - and we need more of both today,” Luke Esser
Youra's drawings can be viewed at Utoons.com. Followers friend Youra @danyoura on Twitter and at danyoura on Facebook.
"I love all the cruel comics! Nobody has been left out!" Ann Moorman, Oceanside, CA
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Dan is a master at the art of political cartooning. His branded Utoons conjure up caricatures of world leaders, national politicians, media personalities, and celebrities. 
His sharp observations take form in colorful artwork which comes alive with whimsical characters. His incisive commentaries on national and international politics are captured in edgy artwork, where a few strokes of his pen can elevate the downtrodden and bring down the mighty.
He was the first recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship from his alma mater University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies. After a year in Latin America, he studied political science in graduate school at The Ohio State University.
In the early 50's Dan's introduction to cartooning was his father, who drew cartoons for his kid's amusement. He remembers drawing cartoons in Sister Theodora's second grade class. 
His first professional introduction to cartooning came from Charles Schultz in neighboring Minnesota, who dropped Charlie Brown into his lunch box.
His first published work was in his high school yearbook at St. Lawrence Seminary at Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin. He was staff cartoonist for his prep school's newspaper at Maryknoll Seminary in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. At the University of Wisconsin Dan published cartoons in the student newspaper.In the early 70's Dan studied cartooning at the University of Washington in a class taught by Ray Colins, political cartoonist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. At that same time Dan also enjoyed The Daily cartoons of David Horsey, student cartoonist, then; and, now, Pulitzer Prize-winning, political cartoonist for the LA Times.
In Olympia, Dan submitted cartoons to The Paper at Evergreen University, where, Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, also submitted cartoons.
His first purchased cartoon appeared in the Environmental Quality Magazine in 1973.
Dan illustrated a business book Managing Is Everybody's Business. He illustrated a cookbook, I Love Hot Dogs, and childrens book, Oswald Hoot The Owl Who Was Scared of the Dark.
Dan created his own line of cartoons marketed as Utoons under his trademarked U, which is the company's distinctive signature.
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